Decals (also known as stickers) are vinyl labels that are made especially for smooth surfaces. They are easy to apply and also easy to remove and they do not leave any residue once removed.

Our deals are made using the highest quality vinyl material and precision cut using a specialized machine.

See below for our decal ideas and uses.

Car Club & Forum Stickers

We are a big supporter of car clubs and online web forums. Stickers are an excellent way to increase the clubs presence and help raise profits for events and shows etc.

We currently work with some of the best car clubs on the internet;, CleanedUK,,, and many more.

Most car clubs or forums promote a member who is in charge of ordering and sending car stickers to members, we suggest ordering in bulk to receive better value for money but also we are happy to help with smaller orders as we understand some clubs have smaller budgets than others.

We can take your exisiting logo and turn this into a sticker, or if you are a new club we can help you to brand with your very own unique logo.

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Car Stickers For Your Business

As the number of cars on the road increases, and as drivers we are forced to spend more time in our cars commuting, the bumper sticker is becoming an increasingly popular way of advertising the latest business, charity etc. Bumper sticker advertising can be established with a minimum of investment to suit most budgets.

Most businesses choose to order their low cost stickers in bulk and give them for free to customers in hope they will display them on their own cars, therefore sending your company new business.

Choose to either have your own logo, text or just your website address. Whatever your idea or branding we can help.

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Fun Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers date back to 1927, they are an adhesive decal displaying a message that can be attached to your car body work or window. They are usually fun and comical and lately becoming a new craze to cover ones car in many different styles and sizes.

They can applied in minutes and removed easily without damaging the paint work of your car.

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Other Stickers

Many people tend to associate vinyl stickers with cars, signs or walls but we can offer and design stickers for almost anywhere you can think of.

Suggestions: Boat names, cricket bats, mirrors, Wheelie bins, safety stickers, swimming pool covers, soap dispensers, door bells, no cold caller signs, childrens folders, toy boxes, furniture, bikes, motorbikes, scooters, roller skates, laptops, fridges, anything you can think of…..

Vinyl is water and weather proof and can be affixed to anything smooth flat surface.. so think of new ideas to display your stickers.

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